Lake City, Colorado





Lake City is located in Hindales County, Colorado and is the ONLY town in the county.  Hinsdale County is made up of 96% public lands. That means they have the fewest miles of roads per person, plus the most land area located far from roads, making Hinsdale County the most remote county in the lower 48. Lake City is an outdoor person’s paradise due to hundreds of miles of hiking and off-road trails. Lake City is connected by the Silver Thread Scenic Byway.

Lake City is a  designated National Historic District since 1978, boasting over 200 historic structures and reconstructed over 500 feet of original boardwalks in the historic downtown.

Lake San Cristobal is the second largest natural lake in the state, and will be a motorcycle tour stop with April. The lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado.

Lake City is an overnight tour stop on the Southern Colorado Motorcycle Tour and participants will spend the night at the Matterhorn Motel. Dinner for the tour stop in Lake City will be at the Packer Saloon and Cannibal Grill.

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Lake San Cristobal
Town of Lake City
Silver Thread Scenic Byway

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