Million Dollar Highway


ELEVATION 10,640 – 11,018′

The Million Dollar Highway is the road that connects Silverton, CO to Ouray, CO. Built in the late 1880’s,  this part of the San Juan Skyway is listed as among the most spectacular drives . This highway delivers jaw-dropping vista after vista.

The Million Dollar Highway stretches for about 25 miles. The road’s winding design, providing stunning panoramic views, is very curvy and fun for a leisurely ride. Offering breathtaking mountain, valley and gorge views, the Million Dollar Highway is one of the most beloved roads in the country. This classic stretch of two-lane blacktop snakes its way through the San Juan Mountains, the wildest and most rugged peaks in the Rockies.

The design of the road offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Colorado landscape and the San Juan Mountains. The surrounding wilderness is home to many creatures including black bears, deer, elk and mountain goats, so keep your eyes peeled for animal sightings along the way. This journey takes you winding and weaving through the mountains, clinging to tight curves with breath-taking views. It climbs up three very steep high mountain passes:
Coal Bank Pass 10,640 ft
Molas Pass 10,970 ft
Red Mountain Pass 11,018 ft

The Southern Colorado Motorcycle Tour will feature staying in Silverton, riding through the Ouray area and on the Million Dollar Highway.

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Million Dollar Highway

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