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Visiting Silverton is like stepping back in time. Once a frontier mining town teeming with saloons, Silverton, is now a tamed-down version of the same two-street town. Most of the streets are dirt. Silverton is located in the San Juan mountains of Colorado.

Like many of Colorado’s mountain towns, Silverton, began as a mining town, and found a second life as a recreation hub rich in heritage tourism. Unlike many of its fellow mountain towns, Silverton has not been polished and manicured into a destination for the well heeled.

You won’t find upscale here. Instead, Silverton retains the wild, wooly and independent energy of a remote mountain town. The fact that the rough-and-tumble spirit has not been scrubbed away makes Silverton all the more charming, authentic, and adventurous. It’s not easy to get to, and can even feel like a step back in time. A trip to Silverton is a guaranteed adventure.

The World’s Highest Harley Davidson Store is located in Silverton.

April has selected Silverton as an overnight stop on the Southern Colorado Motorcycle Tour. Participants will be staying at Villa Dallavalle Historic Hotel-Inn for the June Tour and The Grand Imperial Hotel for the July Tour. Both hotels are historic and built at the turn of the 20th century. Dinner for the motorcycle tour night stop in Silverton is participant choice due to extensive choices.

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